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22 April 2015

[A to Z April] S is for Stumble Soul (potion)

Stumble Soul
Aura faint abjuration; CL 4th
Slot none; Price 500 gp; Weight --


Occasionally it is useful to hide one’s alignment from others discernment, but dangerous to have one’s alignment concealed. It may also be occasionally useful to appear as a different alignment for purposes of infiltration or concealment.

A single dose of this potion temporarily changes the alignment of the imbiber. The user’s alignment will shift to its opposite; a neutral alignment may choose which direction the shift may take. For example, a Lawful Good creature will temporarily become Chaotic Evil. A Chaotic Neutral creature will become Lawful, and may choose whether to become Good or Evil for the duration of the potion. 

Only one dose of the potion may be taken at one time; a second dose will have no effect on the user’s alignment, but will sicken the imbiber for the duration of the second dose. The alignment shift will have a negative effect on any creature’s alignment-based abilities, powers, or skills for the duration of the potion.

The potion must use absinthe as a base and must be contained in a crafted glass bottle or decanter, shaped to resemble a humanoid skull. The glass stopper is hollow, and will measure out one dose. The effects of one dose will last for 1 hour per two caster levels. The effects can be overcome or negated by dispel magic or any degree of restoration spell. Atonement, hallow, or unhallow may also negate the effects of the spell. Those who typically carry such a potion with them will also carry a potion or scroll with a negating spell, just in case.

Brew Potion, absinthe, skull-shaped decanter, undetectable alignment, Cost to create 200 gp

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