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30 May 2014

A Long Time Ago...

Aw, heck. I just realized how long it's been since I actually dropped by the Stronghold. Unfortunately, things like A to Z April tend to have a stifling effect once the "pressure" is over. That's why I've given up on NaNoWriMo the past few years...it just takes too long to get the machine back working again.

But today I noticed something across the gaming blogosphere: people are starting to receive their boxed Tantive IV Star Wars Miniatures in the mail. I won't argue; it's a nice looking pre-paint. It looks hefty, too. Fantasy Flight worked out a "proportionate" scale, for lack of a better term. At first blush, it SEEMS to be about the same size as my initial Tantive IV purchase, although it's tough to tell; all the comparison pictures I could find today were of odd sizes, and the "product dimensions" tell me the size of the box. Plus, well, my real life is a bit hectic and I'm not that interested in doing a lot of footwork/research into this. I hope you all will forgive me for this oversight and laziness.

You see, this release? It's retailing at $89. It's even $64.59 at Amazon. Just way too much for my wallet right now.

Besides...I have an alternate. No, not just the "initial purchase"--the Action Fleet model referenced above.

I now have... THIS:

Yep. It's a vintage Kenner Star Wars Collector Fleet Electronic "Rebel Blockade Runner" from 1996. It was a STEAL, including shipping. It was used, opened, etc., but I didn't buy it for resale value. I built it to use on the gaming table. All the electronic functions still work, including the light-up engines:

And as far as scale goes, well, it's close to accurate. As I estimated in my previous post, the Kenner model is about 5" short of being true 1/270 scale. But, what's 5" here and there, eh?

Ahem. It looks terrific when put up next to the FFG models. I'll admit, it's not as detailed, or as pretty, out of the box as the FFG Tantive IV. If I want to, I can always touch it up, though. It'll double nicely as a display model in my home office. Y'know, establish some Geek cred. Seriously, though, I think it looks great up against the other models, even if I only use it as a centerpiece--or an obstacle--in an actual game. Now I just have to see if someone out there has prepped templates, rules, or other tidbits for using the actual huge model...or if I'm going to have to jury-rig rules from the FFG release.

13 May 2014

Gothridge Manor Random Purchase Table

Anyone who's read my blog or Gothridge Manor for any sizable length of time knows that I have a, well, let's say "penchant" for accidentally purchasing multiple copies of the Manor.

Now, see, I say it's because the Manor is such a great product that I need multiple copies of this awesome 'zine: you know, one to use and one to keep pristine. Tim, however, believes it's due to a mental deficiency on my part and feels it necessary to mock me over this. Actually, I think it's a mental deficiency too, and I openly mock it as well.

This all stems back to, I believe, the release of the Manor #2. I'm sure Tim can correct me if I'm remembering incorrectly. After reading Manor #1, I promptly sent the cash for a subscription to the Manor. And, apparently, promptly forgot about the subscription. Upon the release of Manor #2, I sent more cash to Tim for that issue as well.

Hilarity ensued.

Well, the same thing just happened this weekend. Tim released Manor #6. I posted a couple comments on Gothridge Manor's publication announcements suggesting I was getting ready to send cash to Tim for the purchase of Manor #6. Shortly I received the following in my e-mail:

Boric...YOU HAVE A SUBSCRIPTION...lol...even my wife is laughing.

Sigh. So, as any good lawyer knows, you have to start damage control, right? So I prepped the following d12 table. Tim and I thought I needed to share this with the world at large just in case anyone else ever suffers from the same mental lapse.

Gothridge Manor Random Purchase Excuses

d12 Roll
Hey...in all fairness, it's been 6 months, right? So, it must be YOUR fault.
Ill do just about ANYTHING for multiple copies.
I have an Int of 6 and a WIS of 9.
I failed my SAN check.
I was under the effect of a charm dwarf spell.
Hey, I'm senile. Cut me a break.
I'm single-handedly trying to pay for the Lemon Fart Tart Room.
It's all a ploy to help drum up interest and business for the Manor! (I'm the "crippled" plant in the snake-oil audience.)
I'm looking for the Golden Ticket.
Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?
Dude...where's my car?
A Teen-Age Illithid Ate My Brain.

05 May 2014

[A to Z April] Z is for Zekri's Brain Wound (poison)

Zekri's Brain Wound is a vicious, powerful poison. Fortunately, the process of creating the poison is sufficiently difficult--and the ingredients involved rare enough--that it is not commonly available or widespread in use. The main ingredient in the poison is calcified brain dust made from the brain of an illithid.

In order to preserve the freshness and vitality of Brain Wound, it is stored and sold in small wax vials, each one topped with a small wax cap. The unmarked vial holds only a single dose. The innocent and simple wax cylinder belies the horror contained within.

Brain Wound itself is a bright scarlet powder that turns colorless when mixed with liquid, at which time it can be identified by its smell of wet dog. The smell quickly dissipates when it is thoroughly mixed. The taste of vinegar remains, however. As a result, those who now how to use it, know how to use it only with strong-flavored drink or food to mask its taste.

In addition to the powerful effect of the poison, Brain Wound has an immediate side effect. Within one round of ingesting the poison, the victim begins to hallucinate, believing that the ground is gently rumbling and trembling, as if there was a small earthquake in the vicinity. This effect lasts only until the onset of the more serious symptoms.

Zekri's Brain Wound
Type: poison (ingested); Save: Fortitude DC 18
Onset: 1 minute; Frequency: Once every 1/2 hour for 12 hours
Initial Effect: 1d2 Wis and Int damage
Secondary Effect: 1d4 Wis OR Int damage (alternating) Once every 1/2 hour for 12 hours

Cure: 2 consecutive saves

Cost: 1000 gp per dose (powder)

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