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06 April 2015

[A to Z April] E is for Everclear (beverage)

Everclear has been called “The Poor Man’s Invisibility” as well as “Sucker’s Blur.”

This potion grants to its drinker the effects of concealment (20% miss chance) by turning their body transparent. (As blur, CL 3.) This is not the same as invisibility, as the outline of the drinker is still visible and discernable in certain circumstances (such as full sunlight) and has been known to shimmer in certain types of flickering light. The effect lasts for 1d4 minutes.

The potion, because of its nature, is always packaged in a small glass vial, each vial containing a single dose. The vial is rarely labeled, but the vial always has small ridges running horizontally, to resemble a humanoid rib cage. A glass stopper is required, again because of the ingredients involved.

The main ingredient of everclear is Essence of Gelatinous Cube. Alchemists pay handsomely for the remains of a gelatinous cube whenever some are available. Despite its name, the fluid is an iridescent orange, a by-product of the treatment of the Essence necessary to make it potable and non-lethal. It retains a gelatinous texture. Everclear has been said to have a milk smell, although only the most sensitive noses can detect the smell. The taste is something similar to wasabi.

Each dose requires 1d4 rounds to take effect. Furthermore, because of its innate instability, there is a 10% chance per dose that the effect merely causes the drinker’s flesh to become transparent, allowing her internal organs, musculature, and skeleton to become visible to the viewer. This effect causes any viewer--friend or foe--to take a Will save (DC 15) or become frightened for the duration of the potion. The viewer may make a new Will save each round; a successful save means the viewer has overcome its initial disgust and fear.

Cost: 175 gp per dose.

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C.D. Gallant-King said...

This is really awesome. I love the failed invisibility/see-through skin effect.

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