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02 September 2014

"Death awaits you all with nasty, big, pointy teeth."

Nah, it's not a new monster. Or even an old one. It's a new stapler. Yep. I purchased one of these puppies.

Having already assembled my arsenal of the bone folder, my big ol' metal ruler, and my heavy duty razor knife, I've got the essentials for the physical creation of my planned 'zine, The Stronghold. Guess the purchase of the stapler means that I've committed myself to actually producing the 'zine now. (The list of "necessities" courtesy of (or fault of, whichever is applicable) the magnificent Matt Jackson.
  • Foreword written
  • Treasure table drafted
  • Gratuitous map drawn and digitized
  • Monster article #1: WIP
  • Monster article #2: WIP
  • Adventure article: Planning stages
Artwork is looking sparse for this issue. I'd be willing to accept any offers of donated art (hint, hint, nudge, nudge) from readers. I have some artwork donated by Dylan Hartwell for one of the Monster articles, and some stats for the critter. It looks utterly KILLER and I can't wait for you all to see it.

Over all, I'm getting more and more excited about this project. It's a ton of work, including stuff you never think about when you're simply vomiting onto a blog post. Gives me a whole new respect for those heavy-duty 'ziners out there.

So why the vorpal bunny quote as the title? Hey...if you've ever stapled yourself, you know just how bad it hurts.
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