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12 September 2011

[OSR Challenge] Judge A Book By Its Cover

Judge A Book By Its Cover: A Get Ready, Get Set, Go! 3.5 Edition adventure set in a Dwarven Stronghold, but easily dropped into any stronghold or similar structure.

Get Ready:
  • The adventurers stumble into an ancient library deep within a deserted stronghold. An unseen danger threatens all those who enter . . . a danger which the adventurers may misjudge.

Get Set:
  • In their search of the deserted stronghold, the adventurers come across an ancient library. The library’s owner had odd tastes, as evidenced by the titles of some of the surviving tomes. Many of the tomes have disintegrated into dust, or disintegrate as the adventurers attempt to identify them. Enough remain, however, for the DM to determine their contents or worth according to the campaign setting. The runes on the exterior of the door promise tomes of powerful magic and arcane secrets rest within the room.

    Upon entering the room the players see a seemingly harmless grey mist covers the floor, swirling and drifting. On the far side of the room, across from the door, rests a small shrine on a shelf. Integral to the shrine is a large cut diamond of superb clarity and excellence; the gem is easily worth 2,000 gp, if not more. The shrine is situated so that a number of windows, passageways, and mirrors throughout the stronghold focus a beam of sunlight directly on the gemstone, causing its illumination and immediately drawing all viewers’ attention to it. Throughout the room are set a series of seven-shelf bookcases and random tables. On closer inspection, the books on the shelves are ordered while random texts rest on the tables.

  • The mist is in fact a large occurrence of gloom mold. Adventurers who succeed at a Knowledge (Planes) check (DC 30) instantly recognize the mist for what it is. Adventurers who do not take the proper precautions will fall prey to the mold. The surviving tomes in the library are as follows:*
    Top Shelf (Religion)
    Guide of Devotees of The League of the Heirs
    Muhammed Ozcan's Foundations for St. Cuthbert's Houses of Worship
    Collected Knowledge Concerning Ithaqua's Outlook, by Trenaquim Braytor
    Jaggrain Vaughan's Collected Wisdom Concerning the Church of Bristlebane
    The Outline of the Church of Gilean, by Baltin Pakspen
    Awshalim's Grimoire Concerning the Church of Tempus
    Handbook about the High Priests of the Church of Odin, by Dexp Caedbaldson
    Bleddig Rowland's Grimoire about St. Cuthbert's Incantations
    Sir Ashur Ram's Treasury of Knowledge about Early Vestments of The Parliament of the Undying Province
    Samagorn Belran's Book about Heroes of The Octal Confederacy of the Serpent The Rites of the Order of the Harvest, by Cordomina Unngith
    Cyclopædia of the Saints of the Church of Thor

    Second Shelf (Histories)
    History of Curse, by Scarlanah Age
    History of the Barbarian-Draconic Alliance, by Melor Tregenza
    Well-Known Stories of the Underdark
    Recent History of Hydromancy , translated from the original Elvish by Leoley Lewitan
    History of Daemonology, by Baron Kellos Yarnoch
    Little-Known History of the Halfling-Drow Disagreement, by Calnan Marrekson
    History of Poetry
    Recent History of Ancient Empires
    History of Figalian Armorsmithing
    History of Northmen Customs
    Chronology of Towns, by Baroness Llelia Damarbar
    Legends of Water, by Malgar Inverela

    Third Shelf (Biography)
    The Legacy of Alfhildra Gustafsdattir, by Daveth Cammacson
    The Chronicle of Ayc Dragaehisa, by Eoant Zaroth
    Diary of Bucmir Shadmyr
    The Life of Theok Ales, by Jagwyr Dunlum
    The Short Poems of Crisadia Kyragith
    The Birth of Gunnar Tyrsson
    The Life of Kerving Benayth
    The Ballad of Dyna Kormaksdattir, by Poraldelle Maranrya
    Journeys of Mave MacCarson
    The Saga of Sir Arnlaug Thondssen, by Seleidah Colekson
    Diary of Aelfbote
    Journeys and Life of Galagor Tardrew
    The Epic of Morgabelle Larvyr
    The Life of Margh Hodge, by Sir Antholemew Kenmanuel
    Days of Finl Hesroth

    Fourth Shelf (Theory)
    The Selected Almanac of Reason
    Malce Damp's Cyclopædia of Valor
    The Folio of Years
    The Favorite Manuscript of Invulnerability
    The Complete Guide of Dream
    The Collected Secrets of Despair
    The Authoritative Folio of Thunder

    Fifth Shelf (Cookbooks)
    Jerleron's Spiced Venison and other Delicious RecipesDetailed Recipes from the Kitchen of Edbert Futhaary
    Short Recipes from the Kitchen of Grena Entas
    Unabridged Recipes for Walrus, by Norj Lyrrya
    Treasury of East Gheronese Recipes
    Barbarian Cuisine Made Easy
    Jacval's Battered Fried Perch and other Sumptuous Recipes
    Recipes for Turkey, by Gorrell Wyrbin
    Cooking in the West Gheronese Style
    17 Ways to Prepare Leg of Lamb, by Heathuweard
    Little-Known Recipes for Caribou Sausage , by Brana Zapas
    Recipes from the Kitchen of Howel Seys
    Short Recipes for Beef, by Patradia Aelbyson
    10 Ways to Prepare Goose , by Kettilheard
    Recipes for Beef Tenderloin, by Aidlis Damarnold

    Sixth Shelf (Self Help)
    Vebjorga Brusasdotter's Guide to More Grace in Your Life
    How to Join The Torchbearers, by Chiara Roquinn
    The Art of Wood Elven Styles of Furniture, by Jaygan Sventhur
    Heortgar Bengan's Guide to Less Carnage in Your Life!
    Learning about Winemaking, by Ranmand Raicel
    15 Ways to Live off the Land in the Titan's Peak, by Dorvin Victir
    The Beginner's Guide to Taxidermy, by Digory Pearce
    Gwilym Bawn's Guide to More Might in Your Life
    The Art of Cults, by Ønund Thorarinsson , translated by Sir Eadbeorht
    Olrik Svertingson's Guide to More Courage in Your Life

    Bottom Shelf (General Reference)
    Essential Legends of Desertfolk Magic
    Grimoire for the Order of the Leaf
    The Folio on East Gheronese Poetry, by Annah Paksmorvyr
    The Study Concerning Ancient Empires, by Sir Ashur Ban
    The Hidden Lore Pertaining to Western Armorsmithing, by Lewiimus Olafcal
    Essays about the Order of the Moon
    The Concepts about Ancient Secret Societies
    Norburnus Zabin's Grimoire on Forbidden Magic
    The Guide Concerning the Misunderstanding between The Torchbearers and The Torchbearers , by Alacob Dorliam
    The Book for Enchantment

    Random Tables (Unsorted: to be reshelved)
    How to Join The Thieves Guilds of South Silverway, by Bagdedred Agen
    Early History of Faerie Customs
    Duchess Alexmurindia Ysir's Lexicon for Herbalism
    Knowledge Concerning Ancient History The Life of Annarina Jedeleron, by Keldred Facan
    The Complete Writings for Notable Orcish Folk Heroes, by Arbors Arenbarrya
    Journal of Hermund Venatr
    How to Make Shelter in the Rustycliff Coast, by Kelnett Tameth

Notable Creature:

This is the seventh of 26 adventures that I will be sharing over the month of September. They are designed for use with edition 3.5 of the world’s most popular fantasy RPG, although they can be easily dropped into any fantasy setting (or modern/sci-fi setting with a little work). These posts are a part of Asshat Paladin’s OSR Short Adventure Challenge , and utilize his Get Ready, Get Set, Go! Format.

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