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24 April 2015

[A to Z April] T is for Twilight Bile (beverage)

This interesting libation is rare, but can be found throughout the Realm at finer establishments. Only one brewer knows exactly what goes into each pint of Twilight Bile, and he is not talking. Every bottle is identical, no matter the area of the Realm in which it is found. Based on its initial cost and its rarity, tavern owners and restauranteurs are understandably loathe to part with even a single shot of Twilight Bile, even at the expected egregious markup in price they demand. They're especially reticent if they have something to hide.

Twilight Bile is marketed in a spherical crystal decanter, tightly sealed with a cork. Each decanter comes with a pint of the drink: 16 shots. The decanter itself bears a simple label: a stylized bat surrounded by runes from various languages, all meaning "bat." Some barkeeps will remove the label--which is easily done--in order to hide the beverage from all but the most discerning, knowledgeable customers.

The drink itself is an acquired taste. The liquid is black and watery, and smells faintly of wet dog. In contrast, it bears a strong initial taste of menthol, with a sulphurous aftertaste that lingers. Within 2 rounds of drinking a single shot of Twilight Bile, the imbiber's eyes become incredibly bloodshot. In addition, the Bile grants a +20 to all listen checks for the next 1d4 hours. However, there is also a 10% chance of the imbiber also losing the sense of sight for the same period of time. The aftertaste also wears off as the effects fade.

Most individuals cannot stomach more than a single shot of Twilight Bile at a time; indeed, most pocketbooks cannot stomach multiple shots either. Additional shots occasionally seem to extend the period of enhanced hearing, but the 10% chance of blindness (as well as the duration of this effect) is also cumulative.

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