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17 April 2015

[A to Z April] O is for Obelisk of Ras (locale)

The Obelisk of Ras stands alone amidst the Great Salt Desert. The Obelisk appears to be a single seamless stone somehow shaped into an obelisk roughly 333 feet tall. There are no signs of tooling out other carving methods on the stone, itself unknown. There does not seem to be any entrance to the Obelisk; neither is there any visible window or break in the stone from the base to the peak. The four sides of the Obelisk are completely smooth, although not necessarily level or even, merely nearly so.

While there does appear to be a balcony or ledge just below the peak of the Obelisk, it has so far defied any efforts to be examined; flying creatures find their view of the balcony obscured by mists or salt storms that arise suddenly and unexpectedly. Creatures attempting to climb the side of the Obelisk eventually reach a section of stone that defies any manner of adhesion and they fall, usually to their deaths. Creatures attempting to scry the ledge are driven mad; temporarily if they are lucky. Those who attempt to scry within the Obelisk itself die quickly and horribly.

Rumors abound as to the origin of the Obelisk, ranging from sorcerers to gods, creatures of earth and creatures from other stars. All of these beings are labeled with the appellation "Ras"--a word which has no meaning to any of the cultures in and around the Salt Desert. It is a completely unknown phrase, and not even the eldest of the Desert Tribes know from whence the name comes. They simply know that it has been known as "The Obelisk of Ras" since the time they were children, and their fathers, their fathers' fathers, and so on, until the memory of the Tribes "runneth not to the contrary."

When the winds blow, passers-by and travelers have reported hearing a moaning or low whistling sound, which leads scholars to believe that the inside is hollow, at least in some respect. So far as it is known, there have been no successful attempts to breach the surface of the Obelisk to learn what--if anything--is to be found beneath within. Legend would have you believe that a map exists, somewhere, of the Obelisk's interior. The contents of that map and its whereabouts have eluded scholarly searches for centuries. Many adventurers, thieves, and scholars have perished in the search for the map.

The mystery of the Obelisk of Ras, however, continues to tempt and trap people across the continent and beyond.

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