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20 April 2015

[A to Z April] Q is for Quimby's Pet Emporium (map)

Quimby's Pet Emporium is a landmark in Coldtreath, at least to wizards and animal lovers. Quimby, a grizzled, one-legged veteran of numerous wars, now stocks and sells animals of all kinds, from the plain to exotic, commonplace to rare.

His shop is plain, a thick rock exterior for protection, the inner walls are wooden, but magically-treated to be soundproof and calming to the animals (and to his customers). The walls are filled with pictures of his more exotic wares, as well as aquariums and small cages. Several racks of cages hold his larger small animals for display on the showroom floor. The floor is made of a single slab of stone for ease in cleaning.

  1. Showroom Floor: The general customer area, floored with stone. Various pictures and parchments line the walls with images of various rare animals.
  2. Counter Area: The wooden stomach-high (to Quimby) counter top zig-zags across the customer area. The north wall is lined with shelves, used for housing aquariums, bowls, and cages for the aquatic and more delicate of creatures. Quimby keeps a variety of magic wands behind the counter to deal with the more difficult customers.
  3. Cages, Regular: Those animals who do not require special needs or isolation are housed here in a variety of cage sizes.
  4. Cages, Special: The specialized, extremely rare, and valuable creatures are kept here, behind a locked door, both for their protection and the customer’s. These cages are likely to be protected by magic.
  5. Pens: Large animals, when they are in stock, are housed here. Each pen has a drain system allowing for the rapid cleaning and washing of the pens. Due to the nature of these animals, these pens are usually locked and protected by magic.
  6. Quimby’s Room: Quimby’s living quarters are here, through a locked secret door, and sparsely decorated with a bed, chest, and a desk. Quimby also keeps his valuable items on a series of shelves in the northeast corner of the room. His room is the only room floored with wood. He keeps a secret stash of gold under the flooring beneath his bed.
  7. Garden: Quimby keeps a walled garden area here, covered over with a fine wire mesh. He exercises the birds and cleans cages in this area. Quimby’s outhouse is on the south end of this walled-off area, and empties into the same drain system as the large pens.
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