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11 April 2015

[A to Z April] J is for Jewel, Fuddle (item)

The dwarf moaned and stirred. His eyes opened, bleary, to see his friend, Seandi, sitting next to him washing her hands with one of her cleansing salves.

"What happened, Seandi?" The dwarf tried to roll over to stand, then sucked air loudly through his teeth. He winced and fell back to the floor at the pains in his hip and in his head. "I've a powerful headache. And what's wrong with my leg?"

"What's the last thing you remember, Alakin?" The woman placed a cool, soothing hand on his head.

The dwarf shook his head. "The last thing I remember is Deand, looking through that new magic gem of hers at that chest we found. 'Trying to learn if it's trapped,' she said. Then nothing until I saw you here." Alakin reached up and took her hand away from his brow and held it tightly. "I assume from the salve that you just finished healing me. From the pain I would guess it was my head and leg?

Seandi smiled. "Your hip, actually, Alakin. The other way around, too: your hip and then your head." She reached down with her free hand and resumed stroking his forehead. "And I'm truly sorry for whatever pain you still feel. It's been a long day; I'm tired and could muster little more strength than this for prayers tonight. A night's rest will help you--will help us both--then I will try a little more in the morning. I've already laid out your blankets for you." Alakin nodded and the woman continued.
"Deand gazed into her gem, then went still. Far too still and unnaturally so. I should have realized something was wrong. All you did was place a hand on her shoulder; she screamed, drew her mace, and laid one solid blow across your side. Shattered your hip. It was an ugly wound--dropped you right to the ground. Then she came back around on the backswing and caught you on the top of your head."

"Good thing I was wearing my helm, then."

Seandi smirked down at the dwarf. "'Helm' nothing. It was simply that hard head of yours that saved you. Deand clearly wasn't in her right mind or she'd never have tried to kill you in such an impossible way."

The dwarf smiled up, ruefully, and then chuckled. "Hah. 'Hard headed dwarf.' That's original. But that's what knocked me out?" Seandi nodded again.

"You were out cold. She turned and started toward me. Alakin, She had murder in her eyes. If it wasn't for Flakim and his quick hands, I'm sure I would have joined you witless on the floor. We'd both be there still."

"Where is Deand now?" the dwarf asked. Seandi gestured over Alakin, to the far side of the room. Groaning at the pain, the dwarf rolled slightly to look where Seandi pointed. There was Deand, a halfling, face down and trussed, bound, and gagged. Alakin thought Deand looked like nothing so much as a pig on the day before a Nameday feast. As he watched, the halfling shook and rolled, screaming around the gag in her mouth, as she tested her bonds and tried to free herself. Sitting against the wall at Deand's side was Flakim, the massive seven-foot-tall human, his feet propped on Deand's back.

"Flakim looks much too pleased with himself," Alakin said, gently rolling back onto his back, grunting as he did so.

"He should be," answered Seandi. "It has been far too long, he says, since he was able to practice his hog-wrangling and -tying skills. But Deand isn't hurt and, were I to guess, will be back to sanity in the morning."

"By the Stones, he'll be insufferable for a week or more. Come, Seandi, help me crawl to my bedroll. I think I'm going to need all my strength to put up with him."

Fuddle jewel

This palm-sized gem is a clear crystal, that seems to change colors deep inside as it moves in the light. It is mounted in a pendant on a chain. At first blush it appears and identifies as a gem of seeing. Indeed, most of the time its magic operates as such. However, each round it is used there is a 10% chance that, instead, it casts confusion on the wielder. Each consecutive round it is used, the 10% chance is cumulative.
Magic Item Gem of Seeing

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