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26 April 2015

[A to Z April] V is for V is for Vile Portal (item)

The Vile Portal is a legendary relic of a former time, and an evil religion. Also known as the Portal of Jiranah, this relic, like other portals, transport all those who enter its boundaries to another place. Jiranah, the God of Sorrow and the Blinding One, is inconstant and vindictive. The portal bearing her name is equally inconstant and vindictive.

It is rarely found in the same location twice, and if there is a pattern to where the portal sends its users, no one has discovered the secret. Once through the portal, the user must either use normal, physical means to return to their original location (or normal magical means) or the user must call forth the powers of Jiranah, calling out her name and performing an act of worship. If Jiranah is appeased, the creature will be returned to the starting point.

In addition, unless the user is of Chaotic Evil alignment, traveling through the portal will cause a shift in alignment one degree toward Chaotic Evil. The shift is cumulative; the return trip--if any--adds an additional degree shift. This is the price Jiranah exacts for the use--or abuse--of her power. The only way a creature can counter that shift is through an atonement spell and performing a ritual or quest for their personal deity.

Legend has it that there exist relics of Jiranah that control the portal; some are said to be able to locate the portal and others are said to summon the portal to their location. bel: a stylized bat surrounded by runes from various languages, all meaning "bat." Some barkeeps will remove the label--which is easily done--in order to hide the beverage from all but the most discerning, knowledgeable customers.

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