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08 April 2015

[A to Z April] G is for Gnaw Rot Mouse (creature)

Members of a barbarian tribe from the secluded Tornbeak Vallely are often seen carrying small bamboo cages on their belts, on straps over their shoulders, or tied to their packs. Outsiders find them especially curious, as they contain small brown mice. Because of this oddity, the tribe is typically referred to as “Mice-men” by others.

These mice are actually a special type of mice bred by the Tornbeak barbarians: Gnaw Rot Mice. They have been raised to take the place in the barbarian culture of poison neutralizing and disease curing spells. One mouse can, if allowed to crawl around a poisoned or diseased creature, either neutralize the poison or cure the disease by nipping and biting at the afflicted creature’s body. They have been bred to crave the taste of disease and poison. Each mouse can cure one creature of up to Medium size. Large size creatures require two mice; Huge require three to be successfully treated. After this one treatment, the mouse will enter throes of ecstasy at finally resolving its craving. Unfortunately, the craving proves fatal to the mouse, who will die from the effects of the poison or disease shortly thereafter.

In game mechanics terms, each mouse can either detoxify any poison (as neutralize poison) with a +4 bonus on the check. If applied instead to a diseased area, it removes the affliction (as remove disease) with a +4 bonus on the check. Some diseases (such as Mummy Rot) require additional treatments to cure (see the disease description). Whether successful or not, each gnaw rot treatment, inflicts 1d6 points of damage on the afflicted creature, as the mouse nips, bites, and consumes the poison and diseased flesh. Almost immediately, the mouse will begin to shake and thrash, squeaking noisily, only to die within 2 minutes of the treatment.

A Tornbeak barbarian can be convinced to sell gnaw rot mice with successful Diplomacy checks, and then for a minimum of 500 gp per mouse. The Tornbeak barbarians believe that the mice require a bamboo cage; no other kind of cage can suffice and up to four mice can live inside the typical cage. Additionally, the mice require daily feeding; each mouse consumes 1 trail ration every two days. In the event that the creature carrying the mice is subjected to substantial damage, each mouse has 1/4 hp.

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