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28 October 2016

[Inktober 2016] Day 22—Brownleaf's Cottage

 O.K. I'm now in the process of playing catch-up. A couple of real-life deadlines are kicking my butt, but I'm determined to see this through, even if I have to bleed into November just a bit.

Here's the offering for Day 22: 

Brownleaf's Cottage
(Key word: little)

Brownleaf is a pixie druid, who fancies himself an artist. He has crafted himself a home in a discarded snail shell in Elkhole Forest.
  1. Entry Hall: Brownleaf keeps most of his weapons and armor here.
  2. Rumpus Room: used for entertaining, games, sport, etc., as well as his studio.
  3. Gallery: Brownleaf keeps his favorite artistic works here.
  4. Storage/Dining: used for both storage and informal dining.
  5. Study: bookshelves, a comfy chair, and a stove.
  6. Bedchambers
  7. Walk-in Closet
  8. Treasure Room: linked to #7 by a secret door.

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