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29 September 2016

[The Stronghold 'Zine] Issue #3 Has Hatched!

Baby A'Tuin is Born!

Yep. My own micro-sized version of the World Turtle has arrived. I cannot wait to hear what you think.

The cover of this issue was provided by +Jim Magnusson.
 +Matt Hildebrand  and +Ripley Stonebrook  have kindly  donated interior illustrations.

The first few copies came off the printer last night; the assembly process has begun. The link to buy your own copy is below; still only a print 'zine, in the old-school-style tradition.

**You can see a preview of the contents here. You can still pick up copies of Issues #1 and #2 as well here. --OR-- click on the link below to go ahead and buy #3.**

When you do pick up a copy, please drop me a line, especially if you use anything from Issue #3 in your game.


23 September 2016

[The Stronghold 'Zine] Contractions Have Started! Issue #3 Sneak Preview.

Final editing phase on Issue #3 of The Stronghold 'Zine has begun.  Last night, in fact.

Just need to proofread, finish the Introduction, and make sure layout survives the conversion process.

And then I can release it into the cold, cruel world.

What's in store?

Well, besides some fantastic art contributed by +Jim Magnusson, +Matt Hildebrand, and +Ripley Stonebrook, we have the following:
  • A collection of terrific—yet cursed—capes and cloaks
  • A new class: the Warder. A type of protector/bodyguard class for the wealthy and paranoid. 
    • "[A] new kind of protector: one who was talented enough to heal them when injured, to avoid pitfalls when traveling, to detect the poison of a would-be assassin, and to have the strength and fighting ability to fend off a coup."
  • A new NPC: an information collector and thief-master, complete with a couple treasure caches...and a twist.
  • A new locale, The Crag: a neighborhood filled with merchants, inns, and temples, including suggested rumors, sample wares, and brief NPC sketches, all intended to provide some DM seeds. Oh, yeah...a map of the neighborhood too. It's set in my personal city of Coldtreath, but applicable in any good sized city.
  • A series of tables, to be used to create random meals and foodstuffs for both local and roadside taverns. I'm kinda proud of this one. O.K., in all honesty, I'm really proud of this one...mostly because it was birthed in the midst of a dream and survived into waking. Here's a couple random samples:
    • Mystery cakes
    • Roasted snake &  horse stew
    • Shredded pheasant pudding
    • Diced snails & cheese
    • Fried dog hash 
Bonus news: the Warder Class is presented in a 3.X version and a Swords & Wizardy/OSR version. In order to accommodate the OSR version,this issue has been increased from the regular 24 pages to 28 pages.

Keep an eye out; the release is imminent!
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