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23 April 2014

[A to Z April] T is for Tantive IV

I've already talked about the Tantive IV that I picked up at Comic Con. Well, I just won her elder sister on e-Bay. I'll post pictures when it arrives, but if you want to use your search engine of choice, look up the Kenner Collector's Fleet Rebel Blockade Runner. It's a lot closer scale-wise to the other miniatures in the FFG X-Wing Miniatures game, and several enterprising individuals already have rules, missions, and even playing bases/stands for the beast.

But one of my readers, the Happy Whisk, commented that I hadn't bothered to show the mini-figs that came with my Micromachine Action Fleet version of the Tantive IV. I did not want to risk alienating her and becoming persona non grata around The Manor. (Sorry, Tim, but she scares me sometimes.) So, today I hauled the little one out again for some more pictures.

The mini-figs live in the "cockpit" of the toy, that area of the ship that would normally be the bridge, etc. Obviously the figures are NOT to scale, and thus neither is the "cockpit." But, both figures have seats and fit in nicely, although the slightest jiggle or shake to the ship and they're tossed from their seats. The bridge is hinged so that it opens for play.

Here you see the "cockpit" (or bridge) fully opened, with the Rebel Soldier and Princess Leia revealed inside. Someone really ought to tell these two that they shouldn't be armed and ready to fire at all times. I mean, like I said--one good jiggle and they're tossed around. Live blasters have gotta be dangerous under such situations!

Hey, look! The ship has a stick shift! I love details like this; it's silly to add something like a stick shift, in part because neither figure can rest a hand on it. (Y'know, like the G.I. Joe toys--at least they could actually appear to drive their vehicles!) Now, I don't expect that level of articulation on a miniature so small, but really...a stick shift? I guess they've got to have SOME kind of detail in the "cockpit."

[Aside: Rumor has it that the creators of the model used in the original film actually placed a miniature pin-up girl poster in the cockpit as a joke. It wasn't visible in the final film, and I have no idea about the veracity of the rumor. If true, though, it would have been a nice touch in this model. An homage, even, to the original modelers. Although it may have detracted from the child-friendliness of the toy. End aside.]

I like Leia's two-handed firing stance, although my brain wants to take issue with the actual blaster she's wielding. That looks a lot more like Han Solo's BlasTech blaster than the sporting blaster she used in Star Wars (which would have been consistent with her white gown and Cinnabon hair-do). The Rebel Soldier has a one-handed stance that, unfortunately, reveals that his arms are joined with a solid axle. In other words, he's shaking his fist (maybe) at the same time that he fires his weapon. If it was molded/positioned differently, I guess you could have said he's waving or even ordering his target to stop. Yeah. Or he's trying to use the Force to deflect an oncoming laser bolt from the stormtroopers (a la Darth Vader). But no. They had to mold it to appear like he's shifting gears when sitting in the pilot's seat. Except that he's grabbing his thigh when seated. (See above picture.) Sigh. Again, I suppose I can't complain about the quality of the mini-figs or the lack of articulation. Gratefully these two are going to be sealed away in the "cockpit" and the ship is going to be used as a consular shuttle. Period. Or displayed in my office. Hmmm. There's a thought.

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Jason said...

Re: the pinup in the Tantive IV... no rumor, it's true. The boys at ILM (or actually its early ancestor, since the ILM name came later) did include a tiny little pinup, scaled down from an actual Playboy centerfold. (I think I heard someplace they came up with that idea when the ship was going to be the Millenium Falcon, as it seemed like something a "space trucker" would have in his cockpit.) There are photos of it around if you google.

The model was altered a bit when it became a rebel cruiser in ROTJ, and the pinup removed; a later restoration of the model restored the pinup as well as putting a tiny Star Wars one-sheet in there...

(If you're REALLY curious about this topic, my understanding is that the pinup is a lovely lass called Deborah Borkman, who was Miss July 1976. :D )

Comley Charlotte said...

Just popping by for Atoz. Nice to meet and connect through atozchallenge. http://aimingforapublishingdeal.blogspot.co.uk/

The Happy Whisk said...

Oh my goodness, those are so cool. Love the little guys. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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