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17 April 2013

[A to Z April] O is for Omen Wine (beverage)

Often called the “poor man’s divination,” omen wine is a substance that has found its way across the continent from a small monastery hidden high in the desolate Krassmere Mountains. The monks who make this wine are violently protective of the recipe and will take any measures to protect the monastery and the process by which omen wine is created. Rumors persist, however, that omen wine consists in part of griffin blood.

Omen wine comes in single-dose bladders made from some type of animal skin. The bladder is tied shut with a strong but slender cord. A small runestone dangles from the cord; the rune itself is from an unknown language and glows in the presence of divine magic. Each dose costs 375 gp.

The wine itself is a dark green liquid with semi-transparent, silvery swirls. Omen wine smells delicious, like strawberries. However, it tastes of something not unlike spoiled chicken.

Upon drinking a dose of omen wine, the individual must make a DC 25 Fortitude Save. Depending upon the individual’s Save result, omen wine causes different effects.

Save Roll
Initial Effect
Secondary Effect
Less than 15
The individual falls into a coma for 1 hour. This is not a sleep effect, and thus elves are not immune to it.No secondary. During this time, it cannot be awakened by any means short of casting greater restoration on it.
The individual takes temporary nonlethal damage equaling its current hit points and is staggered for 1d4 rounds, after which the nonlethal damage is reversed.The creature remains shaken for one hour. Heal will negate all effects.
The individual becomes panicked for 1d4 rounds.The creature remains shaken for one hour. Nothing short of restoration will negate either effect.

Sudden pain sweeps over the individual’s body and it becomes sickened for one hour.
No secondary. The effects can be negated only by a remove curse spell.

Once the initial effects of the omen wine wear off, the individual receives a vision. The result of this vision is comparable to casting divination, with the chance for a correct divination based on the individual’s character level, rather than the caster level.

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