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05 April 2014

[A to Z April] E is for Eroutoa's Arms (map)

Eroutoa's Arms is, to those in the know, THE place to acquire your finest arms, armor, and as the sign out front says, "miscellany." Eroutoa Ghostcall has been the proprietor here for as long as any can remember. Over the decades of proprietorship, Eroutoa has gathered together a fine inventory of weapons, armor, shields, and miscellaneous equipment, both mundane and magical. Prices run from reasonable to outrageous to outright "OUCH" depending on your needs (and your personality).

The Armory itself is a large single-story dwelling. There are no discernible living quarters on the premises; no one is quite sure where Eroutoa Ghostcall resides when she is not minding the store. The building itself is made of thick, strong stone with a flat stone roof. Every attempt at piercing the outer wall has failed, sometimes spectacularly.

Upon entering through the heavy iron doors one immediately sees two waist-high (to a human) counters and various bits of equipment hanging on the walls. At any time there may be a variety of weapons, armor, or miscellaneous items strewn about on the counters. This is the "showroom." Behind the counters is a door to the warehouse. The interior doors are all thick iron-bound wood. They are always locked and each of them are heavily warded with magical protections. Only Eroutoa and those customers she trusts ever pass through any of the interior doors. The floor is wooden, but magically strengthened and fortified against breakage, prying, digging, or burning.

The first "storeroom" is dominated by three long rows of shelves that reach from floor to ceiling. These are where the more common and mundane items are stored and displayed. The secondary storeroom have a pair of similar shelves; these hold the basic magical items. A secret door on the north end of the secondary storeroom leads to what Eroutoa refers to as her "inner sanctum." A series of shelves line three of the walls; these are filled with rare and special items.

A secret door in the floor of the inner sanctum leads to Eroutoa's true storeroom. The hard-packed dirt floor and dressed stone walls keep her rarest and most unique items safe and dry. Crates and barrels from around the continent are stored here, filled with items of wondrous power.

Unbeknownst to Eroutoa, a family of ghouls have discovered her lower storeroom, unexpectedly breaking through the walls while digging the foul tunnels that make up their nest. They have concealed the entrance to the storeroom and rarely visit the civilized space in the basement of the Armory. The risk of discovery is too great for them to enter the storeroom except as a retreat in extreme cases.

[Aside: This map came about from doodles on two 3x5 cards while sitting at court waiting for my client's name to be called. Scanned, GIMPed up a bit, and thrown out to the world. I'm still trying to get a handle on GIMP. Every time I get a process I like, I let the program sit for months until I've forgotten just what I did last time. Let me know what you think. End aside.]

The usual applies to this image: free to use, just drop me a note to let me know if, where, when, and how it was used. The PDF can be grabbed HERE.

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Teresa Powell Coltrin said...

This is interesting reading!

Melanie Atherton Allen said...

Ooh, fun!! I don't play RPGs, but I love reading the sourcebooks. I found the thing about the family of ghouls especially intriguing. It suggests so many possible stories.
Your experience with GIMP (a mapmaking program?) sounds like me and Warhammer (I do play tabletop Warhammer); every time I learn the newest rules, I play one or two games and then months pass and I don't play and I have to learn the rules all over again. Sigh... I guess that is part of being an adult gamer... life happens.
Melanie Atherton Allen

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