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08 April 2013

[A to Z April] G is for Grey Spirit Blade (item)

Aura: strong abjuration; CL: 10th
Slot: none; Weight: 1 lb.


This +2 dagger must be used to take a life every day, or else the wielder suffers a negative level, with all the accompanying issues. These negative levels cannot be restored by any means, including restoration spells; the only way to restore the negative levels is through the taking of a life. Note that complying with the terms of the curse cannot increase the wielder’s levels past their regular level.

The weapon cannot be sold or given away, neither can it be simply stolen or obtained through the use of subterfuge; instead, in order to successfully break the curse upon the current wielder, the blade must be taken forcibly from the wielder in order to transfer ownership. In any other case, the “former” wielder will continue to suffer the curse until she recovers the blade from the new owner and an effective transfer of ownership occurs.

The hilt of this weapon is a grey metal, which appears to be constantly in motion, swirling around as if it were a mist or cloud of spirits. Unknown to most, it is currently owned by Lord Enik of Maltrai, residing in the city of Coldtreath.


Magic Items: +2 dagger

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