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03 April 2013

[A to Z April] C is for Cleft Helm (item)

Aura: Faint abjuration; CL: 12th
Slot: Head; Weight: 1 lb.


When newly forged, this helm was a simple domed, steel helm including a nose guard. Bands of reinforcing mithral run around the base of the helm and from the top down on the cardinal positions. Heavy rivets appear around the mithral bands holding the bands to the steel. There is a crack that bisects the helm at the top with the right side of the crack bent slightly higher and away from the rest of the helm. The helm is crafted to fit tightly to a dwarven head and lacks any straps or fasteners, relying instead upon common dwarven physiological features to stay on the head.

When worn, the helm grants damage resistance (DR 5/piercing) to its wearer. If the wearer has damage resistance from another source, the amounts do not stack; instead, the source that grants the greater resistance applies.

If a creature other than a dwarf attempts to wear the helm the resistance applies. However, during combat such a wearer must make a Dexterity check (DL 12) every round after any successful attack(s) upon the wearer. On a failed check, the helm slips from the wearer's head to clatter upon the ground.


Centuries ago, this helm was owned by the great dwarf, Urthen Kilmalk, a paladin of the dwarven war goddess, Norlydd. During a great battle against an invasion of dark elves from the Undercity of Eryndaedrauth, Urthen led the dwarven forces in a spectacular defense of their home of Therduum. Eventually only the dark elves' champion remained, Berglin'inyon of House Everharn. He strode forward, stepping over the dead and dying bodies of his fellow dark elves, and lashed out at Urthen. The paladin valiantly blocked the elf's blows time after time, but was unable to bring his own waraxe to bear in more than defense. After a lengthy battle, the elf slipped; seeing his chance Urthen swung his mighty blade, slicing the elf's abdomen open. Holding his entrails in one hand, the dark elf retaliated and speared Urthen through the helm with his sword, piercing the dwarf's brain even as the elf slipped to the ground to die in a pool of his own blood.

With his dying breath, Urthen uttered a final prayer to Norlydd. In her mercy, and in recognition of his years of faithful service, Norlydd imbued the helm with a part of his still-living spirit. Urthen's brethren carried his remains behind the gates of Therduum, where he was entombed, still wearing his armor and bearing his axe. At some point, a thief or group of thieves were able to penetrate Therduum's defenses and made off with several sacred artifacts, including the cleft helm of Urthen Kilmalk. It is believed that the helm still glows with Urthen's spirit and that Norlyyd's boon will be granted to the wearer of the helm. However, it is also likely that the divine protection can be bypassed by an attack similar to that of Berglin'inyon's, as it would penetrate through the damaged helm.

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