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03 April 2012

[A to Z April] C is for Charred Brimstone Mist (Beverage)

Charred Brimstone Mist

This brew is believed to have first been fermented by a half-elf mage-turned-barkeep named Ji’avan, but no-one knows for sure. When asked about its source, Ji’avan would simply respond with an inscrutable smile and silence. The brew is not common, but can be found across the realm.

The brew itself is a dark brown color with a syrupy texture. It smells vaguely of burning mint and tastes metallic. When imbibed, it will stain the tongue and teeth for several hours. After drinking, it has been known to cause tingling and numbness in one’s extremities. These are side effects; when one drinks from the bottle, one receives the benefit of a resist energy spell (fire) (10) for five minutes.

The typical bottle is brass and multi-faceted with a screw-on lid. The body of the bottle itself is often wrapped in fine cord. These bottles, when new, each contain three doses of the brew, although the effects of multiple drinks will not stack.

Charred Brimstone Mist, 500 gp, Craft (alchemy) DC 25

**Many thanks to Dyson Logos and his Random Table of Potion Containers, used to create the bottle for this particular brew.

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S. L. Hennessy said...

The name of your blog is hilarious. And the accompanying picture. My hats off to you.
Happy A-Z blogging.

nutschell said...

I sure would love to try this drink if it were real!
Great A-Z post!

Matthew MacNish said...

Just dropping in as an A to Z co-host, and to follow. Nice to meet you!

Terri Pray said...

Love the idea of your blog! Well written.

Tessa Conte said...

I agree on the blog name, and Charred Brimstone Mist? Brilliant!


Boric G said...

Welcome all and thanks for the kind words, as well as the visit.

And who's to say the drink ain't real, eh? Somewhere...somewhen....

Simon Kewin said...

Mmm, sounds good. Saving throw vs. intoxication?

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