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02 April 2013

[A to Z April] B is for Belt of Invulnerable Embrace (item)

Belt of Invulnerable Embrace

Slot: belt; Aura: strong abjuration; CL 15th; Weight: 1 lb.

Only a couple of these belts are known to exist. They are considered to be minor artifacts and are highly sought after by adventurers. No two are exactly alike, either in appearance, adornment, or materials used. The methods used for creating such artifacts are long-lost to history, although the legends of every major race boasts at least one of these belts.

These belts protect their wearers from damage from all types of energy and provide damage resistance against physical attacks. They may be activated only once every 24 hours. Specifically, these belts grants 20 points of resistance to all types of energy. These belts also grant damage resistance 20/-. In addition, unlike most forms of DR, these belts are effective against touch attacks, as well as inhalation, ingestion, or contact attacks. They form a nearly impenetrable magical shell around the wearer.

Unfortunately, they are also impermeable to air as well as other substances. As a result, after the first round of use, the wearer has no air to breathe and is thereafter subject to suffocation rules. The wearer can hold her breath for 2 rounds per point of Constitution. If a character takes a standard or full-round action, the remaining duration that the character can hold her breath is reduced by 1 round. After this period of time, the character must make a DC 10 Constitution check in order to continue holding her breath. The save must be repeated each round, with the DC increasing by +1 for each previous success. When the character fails one of these Constitution checks, she begins to suffocate. In the first round, she falls unconscious (0 hit points). In the following round, she drops to -1 hit points and is dying. The wearer can dismiss the belt’s effect at any time up to the point that suffocation begins. If a character begins to suffocate, when the wearer drops to -1 hit points control over the belt is immediately canceled and the effect--and all granted protection--dissipates.

**Many thanks to my buddy Simonathi Starym for a bit of game testing, advice, and tweaking on this year's A to Z.

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A Tarkabarka Hölgy said...

Neat! :)

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Nice magic item!


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I'm from the AtoZ Challenge and its a pleasure to read your blog.

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