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24 April 2013

[A to Z April] U is for Ulah of Kaitus (npc)

Ulah is originally from Quickvale, but upon reaching adulthood traveled to the far eastern coast of Dran to the exotic port city of Kaitus. He now claims that halfling haven as his only home, even after having returned to Coldtreath. He dresses in a Kaitian style and uses Kaitian weapons and equipment.

Ulah’s parents are both still alive in Quickvale, although they are reputedly in poor health. Ulah has not seen them or contacted them for years. They were both domineering and controlling people, quick to judgment and anger, especially where Ulah was concerned; as a result, he fears them both. Ulah is the youngest of three children; his older brothers used him as a whetstone for their acerbic wit and mild torture.

The attitudes and personalities of his parents and elder brothers have caused the people of Quickvale to hate and revile the family. Since the community witnessed how Ulah was treated by the family, Ulah is both pitied and respected around Quickvale. They honor him and would care for him and protect him if he was ever in need ... and if he would ever ask. Unfortunately, such a request is unlikely to come; doing so would mean Ulah would have to chance meeting one or more family members.

His teacher in Quickvale introduced Ulah to the joys of learning and reading. Since that time, he has been fascinated by tales of all kinds. He is never without a book or two of his own as well as a journal in which to write tales and stories that he hears in his travels. When in Coldtreath and unemployed, Ulah is likely to be found at the Great Library, browsing through stacks of some of the finest assemblage of scrolls and tomes in leagues.

A number of years ago, before his return to Coldtreath from Kaitus, Ulah stumbled into the forest lair of a colony of immense spiders. He barely escaped with his life and did so with an intense dislike for spiders of all kinds. He always keeps a few potions in his equipment which would allow him to deal with spiders; he is likely to react poorly upon encountering large spiders and would leap into immediate combat.

Ulah is considered to be fairly attractive although many in Coldtreath are taken aback by his Kaitian fashion. He has bright green eyes and jet black hair that is pulled back into a long queue, as is the norm for Kaitian males. He is a towering 6'6" tall, a fact which makes his Kaitian appearance all the more striking.

He is a powerful and effective warrior who rarely fails at a challenge, but a warrior motivated by greed and avarice. He believes in nothing but himself, although he has been known -- on occasion -- to stop and give obeisance at an earth-shrine. Besides reading and listening to tales, Ulah’s great love is hunting.

Ulah of Kaitus CR 5

Human Fighter 5
CN Medium Humanoid
Init: +3
Senses: Listen +0, Spot +0
Languages: Common, Orc
AC 21 (+3 Dex, +5 Breastplate, +3 Shield, heavy wooden +1), touch 13, Flat-footed 18
hp 46
Fort +5, Ref +4, Will +1
Speed: 20
Melee: +7 Greatsword (2d6 +2 / 19-20 / x2) or
Ranged: +8 Crossbow, hand (1d4 / 19-20 / x2) (range 30)
Full Attack: +7 Greatsword (2d6 +2 / 19-20 / x2) and +1 Shield, heavy (1d4+1) or +8 Crossbow, hand (1d4 / 19-20 / x2) (range 30)
Space/Reach: 5/5
Base Atk 5; Grp 7
Combat Gear: breastplate, crossbow (hand) +1, greatsword, shield (heavy wooden) +1
Abilities: Str 14, Dex 16, Con 13, Int 12, Wis 11, Cha 9
Feats: Armor prof heavy, Armor prof light, Armor prof medium, Blind-fight, Combat Reflexes, Exotic Weapon Prof, Improved Shield Bash, Martial Weap Prof, Quick Draw, Shield Proficiency, Simple Weapon Proficiency, Toughness, Tower Shield Proficiency
Skills: Climb 5, Intimidate 7, Jump 5, Listen 0, Ride 5, Spot 0, Swim -2,
Possessions: Combat gear plus Potion of Bulls Strength; Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds; Potion of Neutralize Poison; Potion of Rage; journal; quill pen; ink bottle; three books (Best Loved Tales of the Barbarian Wars, by Dragowulf Wyrponwug; Tales of Bloodshed, by Anric Gunnarsson; The Deeds of Janexa Unnla, by Count Dagran.)

**Many thanks to WotC's "PC Portraits" Archive for the image.

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