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09 April 2013

[A to Z April] H is for Heth's Jeacky Fleter (beverage)

No one is quite sure who “Heth” was or why he originally called his concoction a “jeacky fleter.” All who imbibe this uncommon elixir agree, however, that he was quite, quite mad. Although the beverage has been around for centuries, new bottles continue to appear at random taverns and inns across the continent. No one knows who distills the brew or where it is distilled. It is a mystery wrapped in a riddle and secured with a question mark.

Heth’s Jeacky Fleter is a clear beverage with a golden color. It has a lot of fizz to it and is usually served in a champagne glass. The drink smells like orc spit and has a taste reminiscent of honeyed mint. Drinking a serving of jeacky fleter causes hallucinations, the severity of which depend on the amounts imbibed. Because of this effect, it is rumored that one of the ingredients is a particular kind of spider venom.
  • After drinking one serving of jeacky fleter, the individual begins to have pleasant hallucinations. (These may include dancing lights, playful animals, music, floating bubbles, talking flowers, and so forth.) These hallucinations continue for one hour. The individual can tell at some level that these hallucinations are not real, but they are distracting, and cause a -2 to all Perception checks during that time. The effects of drinking any amount of Heth’s Jeacky Fleter can be counteracted with a heal spell.
  • If a second serving of jeacky fleter is consumed within an hour of the first glass, the severity of the hallucinations increase. The increased effects last as per the description; the more mundane effects then linger for a total of two hours. The individual must make a DC 15 Fortitude save or suffer the increased hallucinations. A successful save means the individual suffers only 1 hp of nonlethal damage.

    A secret door on the wall nearest you opens up to reveal a treasure hoard. For one round you run at your top speed toward the door, only to crash into the wall for 1d4 hp of nonlethal damage.
    Your skin begins to bubble and melt away. You spend one round attempting to hold your body together and cannot take any other actions.
    You see before you a horse-like creature with four arms and the head of an owl. For one round you attack it with your weapon or bare hands. You are actually attacking the creature or character nearest you at a -5 attack modifier.

    You hear a terrifying ghostly sound that no one around you seems to hear. For two rounds you have the cowering condition, with the accompanying effects.
    You are attacked by a swarm of vermin and spend one round attacking the floor around you with your weapon.
    The ground beneath you has turned to quicksand. You spend one round flailing your limbs as if trying to swim to safety. During this round you cannot take any other action.

    You believe that you have been surrounded by a cloud of some sort (dust, sand, insect husks, poison, etc.) and are suffocating. For two rounds you stand in one place, hold your breath, and clutch at your throat.
    You believe that the ground beneath you has suddenly dropped away leaving open air beneath you, as if a chasm had opened up. For 1 round you flail your arms and make a 5-foot leap in any direction to try and reach “solid” ground.
  • If a third serving of jeacky fleter is consumed within an hour of the first glass, the severity of the hallucinations increase yet again. The increased effects last 6 rounds; the more mundane effects then linger for a total of three hours. The individual must make a DC 25 Fortitude save or suffer the increased hallucinations. A successful save means the individual suffers 5 hp of nonlethal damage. The specific effects cause the mind to experience vivid and horrific hallucinations, causing the afflicted creature to act unpredictably, as if confused (below).
  • A fourth serving (or more) of jeacky fleter, consumed within an hour of the first glass--while highly unlikely--is possible. If any additional servings are consumed the creature must make a DC 35 Fortitude save or suffer 4d20 hp of damage (save for 1/2 damage) and 1d3 Con damage for each serving above 3 within one hour. In addition, whether or not the Fortitude save is successful, the creature automatically becomes confused (as with serving #3).
Wherever it comes from, and whoever continues to distill and bottle Heth's Jeacky Fleter, the bottles in which the beverage is contained has remained the same. Jeacky Fleter comes in a multi-faceted glass bottle sealed with a black-and-red colored cork. A full bottle contains 12 servings of the liquid.

CONFUSED (courtesy of Paizo and Pathfinder)

A confused creature is mentally befuddled and cannot act normally. A confused creature cannot tell the difference between ally and foe, treating all creatures as as enemies. Allies wishing to cast a beneficial spell that requires a touch on a confused creature must succeed on a melee touch attack. If a confused creature is attacked, it attacks the creature that last attacked it until that creature is dead or out of sight. Roll on the following table at the beginning of each confused subject's turn each round to see what the subject does in that round.
Act normally.
Do nothing but babble incoherently.
Deal 1d8 points of damage + Str modifier to self with item in hand.

Attack nearest creature (for this purpose, a familiar counts as part of the subject’s self).
A confused creature who can't carry out the indicated action does nothing but babble incoherently. Attackers are not at any special advantage when attacking a confused creature. Any confused creature who is attacked automatically attacks its attackers on its next turn, as long as it is still confused when its turn comes. Note that a confused creature will not make attacks of opportunity against anything that it is not already devoted to attacking (either because of its most recent action or because it has just been attacked).
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Tim Shorts said...

Ha, I like this one. Might put on a menu in a tavern. Drink up boys the hallucinations are free.

NavyWifey said...

Going through blogs for the A-Z challenge and this is my second D&D one tonight. Brings back nostalgic memories :) Thanks for the good memories and new things learned

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