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20 April 2013

[A to Z April] R is for Rest

Every iteration of D&D has had rules regarding "rest." Other games have the rule as well. Rest is essential to the well-being of a character, both physically and mentally. Bad things happen when characters get over-tired; likewise, rest makes good things happen.

For example:
  • Swords and Wizardry: a character can regain 1 HP per day by resting; 4 weeks of rest gives full recovery.
  • Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: 1 HP per day of rest; after 30 days that increases to 5 HP per day.
  • 2nd Edition: 1 HP per day of rest; 3 HP per day with complete bed rest. A full week of complete bed rest allows a character to add her Constitution HP bonus to the 21 HP recovered for the week.
  • 3.5 Edition/Pathfinder: 1 HP per character level per day for 8 hours of rest. With 24 hours of rest that increases to 2 HP per character level per day.
  • 4th Edition: with a "short rest" you can use healing surges. With an "extended rest" you regain all lost hit points (and all used healing surges.
  • Star Frontiers: 1 point for every 20 hours of rest.
  • Champions, 2E: 1/10 of character's REC in BODY per day of rest.

And those are just the rulebooks I have immediately to hand. Why do I bring this up? In all honesty, today's post was scheduled (pre-April) to be a map of the "Ruins of the Crimson Hunt." Whatever that is. I say "whatever that is" because I have no idea. I haven't fleshed it out; neither have I drawn a map of it. You see, driving home from the office on Thursday, my sinuses began to burn. And when I say "burn" I mean, "as if acid had been poured into my left nostril and allowed to settle there." I spent all of Thursday night tossing in my bed suffering from hallucinatory dreams. And not the good ones. There was no work for me on Friday, only bed rest. I'm not sure how many hit points I've recovered. Certainly some, because I feel better. Not great, but better. I'll be resting the remainder of the weekend in order to recover as many hit points as I can before Monday comes around. You have to have maximum hit points, after all, before you brave the Monday Dragon, right? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Previous "R"s: 2012: R is for Rage Hawk (monster) 2011: R is for Real Life

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