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25 April 2011

U is for Urosh, Temple of

Because of some personal issues, I don't have a lot of time to post today. However, so that I can keep up with the daily posts....

Behold! The Temple of Urosh the Magnificent!

Click here for .pdf.
Or, at least, the first level of the temple. I have not prepared anything else, including anything about Urosh or his worship in Coldtreath. The key, such as it is, is as follows:

1--Entryway: lined by 7 statues in alcoves. The statues represent Urosh in different phases of his life. (The 8th alcove is empty because (a) Seven is a holy number and (b) the eighth statue awaits the return of Urosh to the mortal earth. Arrowslits/murder holes are found between each alcove. Each of the seven statues is a stone golem to be activated in defense of the temple.
2--Nave/Chancel: The nave is lined with pews and pillars. The Chancel is on an elevated platform, approximately 5' higher than the nave. There is an altar flanked by two thrones, from which services are conducted. Two massive hanging curtains on either side of the chancel help to conceal secret doors which allow access to the inner rooms of the temple. An enormous statue of Urosh stands behind the altar.
4--Mess Hall
5--Priest's quarters: The room for the High Priest of Urosh.
a-k--Underpriest's cells: Rooms for the lower-level priests of Urosh. Three smaller statues of Urosh guard the hallways around these rooms. They are actually stone golems used for additional protection and defense of the temple.


More background will be coming later, as well as additional levels.

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