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09 April 2011

H is for Hargrim, the Soulhammer

Hargrim Norzak lived centuries ago in the dwarven mines northeast of Coldtreath. He was a master at the forge, creating mighty weapons and fantastic, elaborate pieces of armor.

For nearly two hundred years he worked, forging armor, weapons, and other items out of every metal imaginable. His works filled the halls of the dwarven stronghold of Boltek, known to the stout folk as the Cradle of the Hidden. Countless pieces left Boltek to join the caravans; Hargrim's work was known throughout the Western World. Coldtreath was reknowned and filled with adventurers, warriors, and kings' ambassadors--all of whom sought out Hargrim's latest work.

The forge was where Hargrim worshipped. His love and devotion he saved for Fardrid, his wife, and their son, Norak. They were his entire life and all that could pull him from his work.

Image by Wayne Reynolds, Dragon #278

And then came the day the dragon Iyliamser appeared with his undead hordes; his general strode at his side--a ghostly hill giant named Scuv. Iyliamser sought the riches and famed treasures of Boltek for himself, particularly Hargrim’s weapons and armor. In particular, Iyliamser was in search of a rumored weapon: a warhammer designed to combat the undead. Iyliamser wanted it for himself to ensure his dominance over the undead.

The skeletons, ghouls, and wraiths swarmed through the stronghold, seeking out every closet in the city and every side tunnel in the mine. The stout folk fought bravely; the roads and passageways were filled with shattered bone and scraps of undead flesh. The horde was unstoppable, however, and the result inevitable. One by one the dwarven warriors fell.

Hargrim ran to his home to aid Fardrid and Norak's escape from Boltek. In his hands was one of his most magnificent creations: the very warhammer Iyliamser sought. Unfortunately, Iyliamser had cast special defensive spells upon Scuv, who found Hargrim and followed him home. None of the weapon's considerable powers had a significant effect upon the ghostly hill giant and Scuv made short work of Hargrim and his family. As Hargrim lay dying, he watched the ghost joyfully slaughter his wife and son. With his last breath he prayed for vengeance...and awoke to find his consciousness residing in his hammer.

Since that time, Hargrim -- now called Hargrim, the Soulhammer -- has passed from hand to hand, forever seeking vengeance upon the undead, always seeking to once again cross paths with Iyliamser and Scuv.

Hargrim, Soulhammer: +3 adamantine holy undead bane ghost touch dwarven warhammer; All LG; Int 17 Wis 17 Cha 10; Speech, telepathy, 120 ft. darkvision and hearing; Ego score XX.
Lesser Powers: Daze monster 3/day, Bless allies 3/day, Cure moderate wounds 3/day (2d8+3).
Greater Powers: Detect undead at will.
Special Purpose: Defeat/slay undead.
Dedicated Power: Fireball (10d6).
Personality: Legend tells that Hargrim Norzak, a dwarven smith of great renown, was killed by the ghost of a hill giant during an invasion by a horde of undead; the last thing he saw was the ghostly giant massacring his wife and son. With his last breath Hargrim prayed for vengeance and awoke, his consciousness now resided in his mighty hammer. Hargrim’s stoic and no-nonsense will has a near single-minded focus on destroying undead, particularly Scuv or the dragon Iyliamser who directed the undead attack upon Hargrim’s people. Hargrim speaks freely with its wielder, giving advice and suggestions, often engaging in casual conversation; as long as its bearer is willing to hunt and destroy the undead, Hargrim is amenable to nearly any activity.

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