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27 April 2014

[A to Z April] U is for Undyrglade (item)

The origins of this hammer are lost to the mists of time.

When wielded in battle, Undyrglade appears to be a +2 hammer. However, if electricity is applied to the hammer, its true, cursed nature reveals itself to an especially watchful character. (DC 20 spot/perception check.)

On the round immediately following the application of electricity to the hammer (from any source), if Undyrglade lands a successful melee attack, 1d4 ghosts will appear (2d4 on a successful critical hit). Each spirit that appears does so within a 10'-foot radius from the wielder of Undyrglade. Each of these spirits takes the form of a character that was slain by Undyrglade. It is unclear whether the ghosts are the actual spirits of the creatures or simply spirits taking the form of those creatures.

The spirits will usually move to attack (eventually) any creature that is opposing Undyrglade’s wielder. However, there is a 25% chance that any spirit will immediately attack the wielder himself. These spirits act as ghosts in every way; however, attempts to communicate with these spirits (such as with speak with dead or similar spells will fail.

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