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09 April 2014

[A to Z April] H is for Heart Filth (poison)

Heart Filth is typically found–at least when purchased from semi-reputable dealers–in a ceramic flask. The flask itself is traditionally stopped with a plug of tree sap/ the bottom third of the flask is wrapped from neck to base with a fine cord.

The main ingredient in heart filth is filtered ocher oil, which lends the poison its signature orange color and its aftertaste of mint. The distillation process gives the liquid a faint burnt meat smell.

This vicious poison quickly debilitates any creature that ingests it. Because of its strength and its relatively slow-acting effect, its use is favored by groups such as the Black Wolves of Halldale and the Assassin Monks of Wanbei Shi.
Heart Filth Poison
Type: poison (ingested); Save: Fortitude DC 15
Onset: 1 minute; Frequency: 1/hour for 12 hours
Initial Effect: 1d2 Con and Str damage
Secondary Effect: 1d2 Con OR Str damage (alternating) 1/hour for 12 hours

Cure: 2 consecutive saves

Cost: 500 gp per dose (liquid)

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1 comment:

Tim Shorts said...

I finally got around here to check out your A to Z challenge. I like this Heart Filth. Adding it to my book of devious liquids for my campaign.

Great work Boric. Now onto some other entries.

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