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02 April 2014

[A to Z April] B is for Blood Stimulant (beverage)

Blood Stimulant

Aura: none; Weight: 4 oz.; Cost: 150 gp/oz.

This concoction is sold in glass vials, sealed with an iron stopper. The vials carry no markings and no labels, instead allowing the dark violet color to identify the drink.

The mixture has a very weak smell of milk and has an extremely subtle taste of vinegar combined with cayenne pepper, which leads to a rough texture. The mixture accelerates the drinker’s metabolism for a full minute after consumption, increasing the individual’s Constitution score with +2 enhancement, adding benefits to hit points, Fortitude saves, Constitution checks, and so forth, similar to–but weaker than–a bear’s endurance spell.

For 24 hours after drinking a dose of Blood Stimulant, the individual’s eyes are bloodshot, as if they were under the influence of drugs.

Because of the chance of interaction between the iron stopper and the mixture, there is a 10% chance that any dose may be only 50% effective.

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C.D. Gallant-King said...

Cool stuff!

At first I misread it and thought you compared the potion to a "BEER's" endurance spell. Which, truthfully would be pretty awesome.

Stopping from the A-to-Z Challenge

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Milk, vinegar and cayenne pepper. Not quite yummy so it better work.

Stuart Lloyd said...

I am enjoying your two beverages so far and I look forward to reading about more of them.

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