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14 April 2014

[A to Z April] K is for Kell's Force Tonic (beverage)

Kell’s Force Tonic is modeled after a libation created a century ago by the Mad Wizard Kell, who was determined to create a beverage that was both delicious to drink and, because of his paranoia, an effective way to better see corporeal undead. In his honor, those few enterprising individuals who still mix up a batch of tonic for sale market the Force Tonic in the same kind of small brass bottle that Kell was known to use. Like Kell’s, each bottle contains one dose of the Force Tonic. To pay their respects, these bottles have an etched image of Kell on their side.

The Tonic is a grey-colored liquid that has a barely-noticeable smell of fresh-baked bread and a smooth, pleasant vanilla taste. A single dose provides a slight buzz; the “side effects” take effect in 3d4 rounds. These “side effects” allow the individual the ability to see and touch incorporeal creatures for its duration; namely, 5d6 rounds. The Tonic does not come cheap, however, at 400 gp per dose.

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