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10 April 2014

[A to Z April] I is for Island, Oraoss (map)

The island nation of Oraoss lies approximately 1500 miles southwest from the continental port of Coldtreath. It lies in a temperate zone and has a wide range of climates and terrains for a relatively small island at 15,000 square miles. The island is characterized mainly by the sharp division created by the central mountain range–the Dazao Mountains–which separates the lush, wooded eastern side from the gently rolling plains and barren desert on the west. The southern tip of the island is an enormous marshland, the Raekri Marshes, which are nearly impassable without an expert guide. The island is surrounded by four smaller islands as well as a small island range, the Uabal Islands.

The capitol city, Raolde, is an average size city by continental standards, large by Oraossian standards. Its population of 3,254 adults is dominated by elves (92%) followed by humans at 2%. Another 5% is made up of an equal mix of dwarves, halflings, gnomes, half-elves, and orcs. Walled by stone, Raolde is famous for its scholars (its major export followed closely by blueberries) and its courtesans. Many travel to see its beautiful architecture and experience the thrill of the gladiator rings. Most who visit realize only later that the locals grossly overcharge outsiders for their experience.

Despite the dominant elvish population, crime is out of control in Raolde. Three separate thieves’ guilds operate in Raolde under the nose of its governing official, the Lawgiver Kera Pata. Nominally an elected official, the Lawgiver heads a corrupt government. Raoldian officials, while ostensibly the most cultured and refined of the population of Oraoss are still largely seen as bumpkins to their counterparts in Coldtreath and other large cities on the continent.

Most of the other towns and cities on Oraoss are embarrassed to be associated with those from Raolde. The Uabals have unofficially declared independence; the Lord of Cear Keep, Bik Iloamai (known as “the Subjugator” to many throughout Oraoss) is the self-styled Lawgiver-in-exile, claiming to be the heir to the deposed once-Lawgiver. Seeing himself as the “true government” of Oraoss, Bik Iloamai occasionally sends decrees across the Uabal Strait to be distributed by messenger to the various Oraossian cities; these decrees contain more than a hint of madness and irrational mandates.

Oraoss also boasts a large population of dwarves who inhabit Kilfik Hall, nestled at the base of Fivejade Peak, the tallest mountain on Oraoss (soaring 1,200 feet above sea level). Snow is often seen on the very top of Fivejade Peak during the rainy season. The dwarves of Kilfik Hall harvest the snow and ice and export it throughout Oraoss. Nestled in the arms of the Utui Hills, the passageways and chambers of Kilfik Hall are rumored to extend throughout the center of Fivejade Peak, although few outsiders have ever been invited into the Hall and no outsider has been known to be allowed past the Asssembly Room just within the main gates.

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