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15 April 2014

[A to Z April] M is for Marsh Blade (item)

Forged at the behest of the Venerable Tirai Derus II centuries ago, the blade now known as the Marsh Blade was a beautiful scimitar. Its entire surface–hilt and blade–was crusted with engraved designs and precious stones. Needless to say it was purchased for a small fortune.

The blade itself was imbued with magic sufficient enough to be considered a +1 weapon. An error was made at the forge, however, and the magical infusion was never correctly concluded. As a result, when Tirai Derus II was killed in the Ghoulbourn Fen and the newly-forged scimitar sank into the disgusting marsh waters, it began to absorb the qualities of the swamp around it.

Newly re-discovered and dubbed the Marsh Blade, the scimitar is now more deadly than Tirai Derus II ever considered. The centuries of submersion in the marsh has imbued the sword with diseases from the water. When wielded, the sword literally drips with filthy marsh water.

On a successful critical hit, the blade attempts to infect the target with one of six diseases commonly found in the foul waters of Ghoulbourn Fen, as if it was a poisoned blade. On the roll of a natural 1, however, the wielder of the sword is targeted by the possible infection. (Note: despite the infection methods and incubation periods normally associated with these diseases, upon wounding with the Marsh Blade, the target must make a successful save against the disease’s DC. Upon an unsuccessful save, infection and damage occurs immediately.)

Marsh Blade Effects

d6 Roll
Blinding Sickness
Cackle Fever
Filth Fever
Slimy Doom

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C.D. Gallant-King said...

Oooh, cool. And disgusting.

The Happy Whisk said...

Eww. That is gross, and also kind of cool.

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