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16 April 2014

[A to Z April] N is for Nestspirit Caverns (map)

Something different for today's map: Due to some sudden upheaval in my personal life, I've not had time to prepare any background info on the Nestspirit Caverns; neither have I had time to do any tagging or stocking. I'm a bit saddened by this, because the name Nestspirit Caverns just seems to SCREAM for some cool backstory. Maybe I'll revisit this once the A to Z is over this year.

Then again, I'm still waiting to get back to some NPCs from the September challenge from 2012. So...yeah. There's that.

Anyway, hope you enjoy. I enjoyed getting back to some caverns. Added some extra little chunks of rock mid-corridor here and there, too. It's one-dimensional; the next level (if there is one) may have some height changes here and there. Maybe a pit or a pool, too. We'll see.

The usual applies to this image: free to use, just drop me a note to let me know if, where, when, and how it was used. The PDF can be grabbed HERE.

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Tim Shorts said...

Boric, this map is fantastic!

The Happy Whisk said...

Sorry to read about the upheaval. But you know, maps work too. That's what Tim does when he can't think of anything to say. And for me, I do puppy photos or post a true or false post. Hey, it all counts.

Boric G said...

Aw, shucks. Thanks, you two, for the kind words.

Anders Nordberg said...

Beautiful map! May I borrow it and use it for a thing in my home game?

Boric G said...

Anders, I'd be honored. All I ask is shoot me some updates--let me know how it works, how it's received, etc., and to give me some credit. (grin)

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