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16 April 2011

N is for Nano-dice

I picked them up on my way to the office today: the newest addition to my ever-growing dice collection, possibly the smallest RPG dice in the world.


More accurately, it's a set of gold Chessex metal 5mm micro dice. Believe it or not, I haven't even rolled them yet.

I know, heresy.

I'm waiting to get a chance to refurbish the felt on my dice tray. I don't really want to ding them up at all. I also don't want to lose them off the side of the table; they were hard enough to find in the store in fhe first place.

I also stopped by the pharmacy this morning to pick up a small keychain fob. The top of the fob unscrews to allow you to carry prescription meds with you at all times. Of course, I will not be using them for prescription medicine; it will be for medicinal purposes, however. This weekend, a small chamois drawstring bag will be crafted to protect the dice within the metal fob. Thus I will have a complete set of dice with me at all times.

You can never tell when a game will break out, right? You have to be prepared, don't you? When the craving comes, you just need to get a fix.

But look at them again: Ain't they just the cutest?

I know that this is something that only another dice-addict would understand fully. But they are my new pride and joy.
*OK. I have to admit, I'm stretching credulity here with the title today. They're micro-dice, not nano-dice.

So sue me.

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