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14 April 2012

[A to Z April] M is for Myth Voice (feat)

“What exactly is he doing?” the dwarf whispered to the halfling.

“Shhh. Oh...that’s right. You’ve never seen this, have you? Well, just watch, Alakin. Noatil may not have a lot going for him, but he has his high points.”

“High points? What do you mean, Shiloru?”

“I said just watch.” She nodded her head toward the tall human male as she stuck her fingers in her ears.

Noatil crept forward slowly toward the band of orcs. He began to chant something; Alakin realized it was in Orcish. The human was speaking to the beasts in their own tongue and was speaking words of calming and peace. Alakin shook his head: there were very few words of calming and peace in the language as it was, and they weren’t well known. The six beasts–each one uglier than the last–jumped to their feet at the sound of his voice. Then they stopped. And they listened.

So did Alakin. There was something...odd...about Noatil’s voice. First, it was deeper. But that wasn’t all; there was a different quality. It wasn’t a vibrato, it wasn’t an echo.... It was just...different, somehow. More forceful, more powerful, filled with authority. The orcs began to nod and then slowly turned and started to walk away from Noatil. Alakin felt a hand grab his and pull hard. He looked down and saw his hand in Shiloru’s; that was when he realized that he had started to follow the orcs as they walked away. He looked at the halfling, his eyes wide. Whatever it was about Noatil’s voice had affected him as well. “What a dangerous power to face,” he thought.

Almost as if she had read his mind, Shiloru smiled and nodded. “That’s why...with the fingers,” she said, sticking her fingers in her ears again and then removing them.

Myth Voice, Lesser [General]
You have learned the manner of speaking used by ancient epic poets and use it to enhance the effects of your vocal powers.

Prerequisite: Bard; ability to inspire competence
Benefit: Adds a +2 to a Perform check for purposes of countersong, distraction, and versatile performance. The effect also adds a +1 to the DC for purposes of fascinate, suggestion, frightening tune, mass suggestion, and deadly performance In addition, it wil reduce the time necessary for an effective soothing performance by 1 round.

Myth Voice, Greater [General]
You have honed your vocal skills and uncovered many of the ancient poets’ secrets.

Prerequisite: Myth voice, ability to inspire greatness
Benefit: As with myth voice but grants an additional +2 to the Perform check, an additional +1 to the DC, and reduces soothing performance by an additional round. These modifiers are cumulative with those granted by myth voice, lesser.

**Many thanks to my buddy Simonathi Starym for a bit of game testing.

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