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11 April 2011

I is for Innkeeper

Oodagh is recently returned to Coldtreath from several years as a mercenary. The money he made has been invested in his tavern/inn called The Mournful Jackal. At 6'10" and 250 pounds, he is still a formidable image behind the bar and he has not yet had to hire a bouncer. Brewing and innkeeping has always been his dream; he excels at one, but is still learning the other.

Oodagh has only three weaknesses: greed, orphans, and a well-brewed beverage. As a result, the prices at The Mournful Jackal are a little high, orphans eat and sleep for free, and the liquid refreshment is peerless in quality and variety. The house brew is one of Oodagh’s own concoctions: it has an emerald color, with lots of head and served with sugar crusted on the rim of the glass. The drink smells of garlic and has a slight cidery taste. He calls it by an nearly-unpronounceable Orcish phrase that translates literally to “Sunset moonrise.” Locally, however, it’s known as “Orc-Blood”–just not in Oodagh’s presence. He cannot cook, neither does he appreciate the nuances of fine food. Because of this he hired the first cook who came along and the miserable food is clear proof.

Oodagh is quiet and does not tolerate nonsense in his establishment. His avarice makes him an easy mark for get-rich-quick schemes. His temper ensures that most schemers that know him stay away from him. He has little patience for nobility. Besides his love of brewing, Oodagh collects rare and exotic weapons; at least, that is his dream. For now all of his money is sunk into making The Mournful Jackal a success.

Half-Orc (Medium Humanoid)
Fighter 5/Expert 2 (Innkeeper)
HP: 85
Init: 2;
Speed: 30ft.
AC: 16 , touch 12, flat footed 14
Base Attack: +8/+3
Grapple: +11
Attack: Falchion+1 (+14/+9) 2d4+7 Crit(15-20)x2 or Axe, Throwing (+10/+5) 1d6+4 Crit(20)x2 (range 10)
Full attack: Falchion+1 (+14/+9) 2d4+7 Crit(15-20)x2; Gauntlet, spiked (+12/+7) 1d4+4 Crit(20)x2 or Axe, Throwing (+10/+5) 1d6+4 Crit(20)x2 (range 10)
Alignment: CN
Special Attacks: -- ;
Special Qualities: Darkvision 60 ft; Orc Blood
Saves: Fort +7, Ref +4, Will +5
Abilities: Str 18, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 11, Wis 11, Chr 7
Skills: Climb 4, Craft (Brewery) 2, Diplomacy 0, Gather Information 0, Heal 1, Hide 1, Intimidate 8, Jump 4, Know (Dungeon) 1, Know (Geography) 1, Know (Local) 3, Listen 1, Profession (Innkeeper) 2, Spot 1, Swim 2
Languages: Common and Orc
Feats: Armour prof heavy, Armour prof light, Armour prof medium, Cleave, Close-quarters fighting, Combat Expertise, Exotic Weapon Proficiency, Great Cleave, Improved Critical, Marital Weapon Proficiency, Power Attack, Shield Proficiency, Simple Weapon Proficiency, Weapon Focus (Falchion)

Chain Shirt MW
Falchion +1
Axe, Throwing
Gauntlet, Spiked
Potion of Cat’s Grace (2)
Potion of Bull’s Strength (2)

CR: 8

**Many thanks to WotC's "PC Portraits" Archive for the image.

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