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09 April 2010

Well Met!

"What is this place?" you ask?

Well, it's a cozy little place, made of solid stone, eminently defensible. A good place to curl up in front of the fire with a nice plate of red meat and potatoes.
It's a place for the sharing of ideas, concepts, and all that.
Most of all, it's for fun.

Yeah, I hear you say that the web really doesn't need another RPG-oriented blog, now, right?

Maybe not, but it's got one.

And it's 3.x-oriented, with a dash of OSR* influence, a hint of house rules, and input from all over the gaming universe.

I think I have something to share and I hope you'll enjoy it.

* "Old School Renaissance": There seems to be as many definitions of OSR and philosophies concerning OSR as there are D&D clones out there. The questiosn is a match sure to light a flame war among the OSR blogosphere at least once every three fortnights or so. The best one I've found is from Al over at Beyond the Black Gate:
Old School Gaming: "refers to content and/or tone that is from, or reminiscent of, pre-1984 Dungeons and Dragons."

Renaissance: "As a cultural movement, it encompassed a resurgence of learning based on classical sources..."
Al's blog was one of the first I found when I started looking at OSR for inspiration. He's recently started posting the story of his own OSR here. Take a look-see; it's an interesting story.

For my purposes, however, I may change the definition from "pre-1984" to "pre-2000." I'll willingly take influences and inspiration from whereever I can find it. And see? yet another OSR definition is born.

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