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12 April 2010

Mini Map Monday: Introduction

Back before Christmas I was given a so-called "pocket briefcase"--essentially a 3x5 index card holder for your coat pocket, complete with a little pen loop.

This thing sat in my desk drawer for several months: what use did I have for carrying 3x5 cards everywhere, particularly when I already had my generic moleskine-clone notebook that I carry around for noting my writing and gaming inspirations. Then around Valentine's Day 2010 I was slumming around the local big-box chain office "supply" store looking for a gift for my wife...and came across the 3x5 graph paper cards.

And inspiration hit.

3x5 dungeons! Mini-maps! For the new blog!

And so I began to map again for the first time in years. I won't entertain you with my first offerings...they are really quite bad. I'm still working on my presentation. Getting them from 3x5 index card to .jpg or .pdf is more work than I anticipated. But I'm learning, and growing, in the process.

Some of these will be WIP. Some will have tags, others won't. Some will have details, others won't. Some may have adventure or encounter suggestions, others won't. Some will be hand-drawn, others will be digitally enhanced/duplicated.

In short, they'll be a lot of things, but all of them relatively tiny. That's the format, after all.

But I kinda like the format, even if I do say so myself. They're small, and with the right effort, could be perfect for a lunchtime or a RPG quickie.

There will be one-shot locations and one-shot "mini-dungeons" but there is also at least one so-called "mini-mega dungeon" in the works. More on that later, hopefully.

( *And I'm apparently not alone in this idea, as seen here. Great minds think alike, apparently. )

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