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12 April 2010

Mini Map Monday: Farmhouse

Welcome to the first set in my Mini Map Monday series.

As I said in my previous posts, these first ones are not perfect. I'm still working on perfecting the process. But I like this one. It's simple and I think it tells a nice little story.

And so, without further ado, I present: The Farmhouse.

<--Click here for a .pdf--

1-- A heavy stone wall surrounds the farmyard proper.
2-- The front yard boasts a deep well which has never run dry.
3-- The front door opens into the main living space.
4-- The dining area boasts a long table in front of a fireplace. On the far wall of the dining space is a long table with shelves above and below for storage of dry goods, dishes, etc. Outside the window near the fireplace is the woodpile.
5-- In the far corner, past the dining space, is an indoor privy. Yes, unconventional, but the farmer is wary of things that go 'bump' in the night and does not wish his wife or two young sons to brave the dark. There is a window from the privy overlooking a midden pile; the window provides for easy disposal of the privy waste.
6-- Near the door rests a large chest, filled with trinkets and odd pieces of the farmer's clothing. Buried deep within is the farmer's broadsword, earned in battle for the King many years ago. Long unused, it is still as sharp as the day it was put aside in favor of the plow. The farmer still has the knowledge, ability, and will to use it if necessary.
7-- The sleeping areas are divided: a bed for the farmer and his wife (her clothes are stored in a chest cunningly worked into the base of the bed) and a split pallet for the two children. The children's clothing is stored in a small chest in the corner.
8-- Outside the farmhouse, taking up most of the yard, is a garden plot with excellent fertile soil.
9-- On the rear of the farmhouse is a small chicken coop and a larger pen for the family's pigs.

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