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14 April 2010

Wednesday's Who's Who: Reynard Adoall

Today's Who's Who Spotlight falls on:
Reynard Adoall, Farmer and Fighter.

After all, we have a farmhouse; now we need someone to live in it.

Reynard Adoall, Human
Fighter 1/Expert 6 (Farmer)
Hit die: 1d10+6d6 (hp29)
Init: -1; Speed: 30ft.
AC: 11 , touch 9, flat footed 11
Base Attack/Grapple: 5/7
Attack: +7 Sword, short 1d6+2
or +4 Javelin 1d6+2
Full attack: +7 Sword, short 1d6+2; +1 Hammer, light 1d4+1
or +4 Javelin 1d6+2(range 30)
Alignment: LN
Special Attacks: -- ; Special Qualities: --
Saves: Fort +4, Ref +1, Will +7
Abilities: Str 14, Dex 9, Con 11, Int 12, Wis 10, Chr 8
Skills: Climb 7, Handle Animal 9, Heal 5, Intimidate 3, Jump 6, Know local 4, Know nature 11, Listen 2, Profession (Farmer) 10, Ride 4, Spot 4, Swim 5, Use Rope 6
Languages: Common and Orc
Feats: Blind-fight, Alertness, Armour prof heavy, Armour prof light, Armour prof medium, Deft Hands, Iron Will, Martial Weap Prof, Shield Proficiency, Simple Weapon Proficiency, Toughness, Tower Shield Proficiency,
CR: 3.5
Reynard Adoall has lived many years as a simple farmer but he still retains the wisdom and cunning born of his training in the King’s Elite Forces as a youth. He still rises before dawn each day and spends nearly an hour going through katas to retain at least a part of his fighting skills. While a light hammer and other hand tools are never far from him, his sword rests at the bottom of a chest in the farmhouse, unbeknownst to his wife or two children. Several spears rest against the outer wall of the farmhouse, supposedly for wild boar hunts.

Reynard’s world revolves around his family: Leisl, his wife; Jonah, his five-year-old son; and Katrah, his two-year-old daughter. He dotes on the children, reading to them every night from one of the five books the family owns. Leisl knows nothing of his former life; she does not approve of violence or bloodshed and would be traumatized to hear his war stories. Although Reynard has done nothing in his life of which to be ashamed, Leisl is simply too delicate and set in her ways to understand. Reynard is very protective of the family: they are seen as peculiar because they have a room in their house set aside as an indoor privy. Going outside at night to answer nature’s call is simply too fraught with danger in his mind.

Their home he built with his own hands; he set every heavy stone in the thick wall surrounding their little plot of land. They eke out a bare subsistence from their little garden, their flock of chickens, and their pigs. Reynard supplements their income by working neighbors’ farms and Leisl takes in sewing and washing in exchange for barter goods.

Reynard’s is a simple life, but a good one. He seems happy, although there are times when a haunting darkness is evident behind his eyes. Leisl has seen this darkness and it scares her, but she does not know how to talk to Reynard about it; he will not acknowledge anything but happiness and joy in his current station. Often, however--usually when the storm clouds gather on the horizon--he will stop and stare into the distance as if listening for the martial sound of an army’s drums.

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