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30 April 2010

Found Items Friday: The Ruined Watchtower of Al'Makhor

Well, at the risk of forming a habit, I want to stay with the theme of the week and look at the little trinkets and things left behind in the chaos and panic of Gronth Knockstone's attack on the watchtower

First of all, the books. The soldiers weren't much for reading, however, so the few books there were belonged to General Al'Makhor and the resident magic-user. You can decide for yourself which book belonged to which person.
  • The Bitter Art of Government, by Sveidi Asgerssen
  • Following Fate, by Garten Saywa
  • Magnifying Construction Spells with Distillate Vitae, by Baltan of the Tenth Circle
  • Collected Demonic Runes, by Kernall Kyrabors
  • Concerning Daemonology: A Grimoire, by Kernall Kyrabors

These latter two titles are well-hidden in a small iron box within the mage's chambers. The box is locked and trapped (DC 18). The mage's spellbook is in his chambers as well, under his bed, left behind in the mayhem.

Also left behind, on a table in one room, was a pair of wooden dice next to four handfuls of glass beads and a small pile of copper coins (25 cp). The men did not like to read, but they liked to gamble.

Among the ruined walls a careful adventurer will also find a small wooden box, an empty flask, and an old flute made of steel. There is also a small leather leather bag filled with fifteen tiny silver bells strung on a three-foot-long leather cord. Next to one of the larger boulders is a great iron pot, tipped on its side, now resting on a broken shelf and a pile of wooden bowls and wooden spoons.

In the remains of the General's chambers is the one piece of artwork in the watchtower: a painting of Helm in shining armor, knighting a paladin. It is obvious by its placement and condition that Al'Makhor was a devouted worshipper of Helm.

Other than these items and the miscellaneous arms (short swords, bows, arrows, spears) left by the dead, there is nothing else of value. Torn bedding and broken furniture abounds, mixed in with stone, brick, and mortar in the rubble.

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