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16 April 2010

Found Items Friday: The Farmhouse

In keeping with the rest of the week, let's look at the little treasures that brighten the farmhouse of Reynard Adoall and his family. It's not everything in their house, but it'll provide a start.

Let's start with their books:
  • The Collected Tales of Jaybert Braradas
  • The Saga of Unayth Dunawold
  • The History of the Torchbearers
  • The Legacy of Trenghan Anorcir
  • Quotations from the Book of Rhapsodic Prayer

Atop the chest in the corner rests a well-crafted hammer dulcimer. Liesl, of course, plays the dulcimer. It is made of teak with home-made strings of shiny brown deer leather, but the tuning keys are made of adamantine.

Above the fireplace rests a small ivory sculpture of a cook.

On one wall hangs a small painting of an albatross, framed in a simple black pine frame.

Atop the childrens' chest sit a straw-stuffed doll (Katrah's) and a wheeled carving of a knight on horseback (Jonah's).

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