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02 October 2016

[Inktober 2016] Day 2—The Tower of Sorceror Mot

The Tower of Sorceror Mot
(Key word: noisy)
  • The Basement: Arcane sigils are inlaid into the floor.
  • Main Floor: Several bookshelves and a table ring the walls of this comfortable room. Two cushioned chairs sit in front of a large fireplace. Mot's bedchamber is on this floor.
  • Second Floor: Book- and scroll shelves around the room. Several chests and a stack of crates. This is Mot's spell-work room. A chair sits in front of a heat vent set into the chimney. When he is at work, a veritable cacophony echoes into the surrounding forest.
  • Top Floor: A stark room, reached by a rope ladder through a trap door. Two doors lead out onto the narrow walkway on the top of the second floor.
This is actually the first wizard's tower I've ever actually completed. I hate them. Loathe them. O.K., truth be told, I'm scared of them. Dwarves typically are not happy around magic, after all. As a result, I'm never quite sure what needs to be inside.

And it turns out that my logo is also difficult to draft while sitting on my bed.

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