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18 October 2016

[Inktober 2016] Day 16—Outpost at Ketchum Falls

The Outpost at Ketchum Falls
(Key word: wet)

High above the Ketchum Forest is a meandering trail, which leads to a cave complex behind the grand Ketchum Falls.

The entry to these caves is blocked by a crude iron portcullis, raised by a winch. The portcullis was installed by a band of outlaws led by a half-orc named Joax. The band includes several humans, a half-elf, a dwarf, and a halfling, as well as Joax's Mate, Kedra.

The edge of the main cavern is perpetually wet, slick from the spray of the falls. One wrongly placed step could mean a quick and steep death.

No one knows who else has used the outpost, and for what purposes. Rumor has it, however, that it's haunted.

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