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09 October 2016

[Inktober 2016] Day 6: Tomb of the Forest Kings

Another day, another headache, another day behind on posting. I've got the pain to subside enough to upload this one.

As you may know, I usually do black & white maps, with only a little bit of color for accents such as shadow or water. Also, the tradition is to show lower level walls with dashed lines. Because so much of this map is "under" the tree, the surface, and other details, I thought that dashed line walls would get confusing. Instead, I used colors to mean something on this map. The main trunk is colored brown, with the green hashing showing the foliage. the blue lines take the place of the dashed lines on the sub-surface walls.

I dunno...maybe it's too busy. Let me know what you think. I also probably would have outlined the leaf-line in green rather than black. I thought about that too late...

Tomb of the Forest Kings
(Key word: hidden)

The three great Elf-lords—Thoae, Wyn'Anor, and Sellinah were interred in an underground tomb after they fell at the Battle of Arveia. Their grateful people planted above the tomb's entrance a majestic Sehhalhel tree. Over the eons the entrance to the tomb was hidden by the growth of the massive iron-hard trunk.

The Elf-lords' sarcophagi and the treasures buried with them have long passed into legend and rumor, scarcely believed to exist. Forgotten completely are the four tomb guardians.: golems crafted from living Sehhalhal wood, who are eternally vigilant against intruders. Also forgotten are the myriad deadly traps within.

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