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18 October 2016

[Inktober 2016] Day 17—Barrows of Idet-hur

The Barrows of Idet-hur
(Key word: battle)

A millennia ago, on the fields of Idet-hur, an epic battle took place between two Armies of the Elves. The followers of Queen Kaiannathas and those of King Nyounus met; shields and spears crashed together, swords and arrows flashed in the sunlight. Day after day, week after week, until all lay dead or mortally wounded. Time made barrows of the bodies; grass became their shrouds.

Sample treasure (in addition to coins and mundane items): 
  • +2 buckler (small)
  • +2 warhammer [sheds light]
  • boots of elvenkind
  • robe of bones
  • +1 amulet of natural armor
  • +1 steel shield, heavy
  • composite longbow (+3 STR), MW
  • pan pipes, MW
  • breastplate, MW
  • studded leather, MW
  • +1 longsword
  • circlet of blasting, minor
  • +1 shortspear
  • full plate, mithral

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