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07 October 2016

[Inktober 2016] Day 5—The Temple of the Weeping Goddess

I'm a little embarrassed and quite frustrated tonight.

It's amazing what impact a migraine can have on mapping and creativity. But my more-than-two-day-long migraine is starting to fade; this was a bad one, as I usually don't have significant visual impairment. It hit before I could post this map.

But now I can try and get caught up with Inktober. Bear with me for the next couple days?

The Temple of the Weeping Goddess
(Key word: sorrow)

A thousand years ago, Isaidai—the favored one of Loarier, the Goddess of Dreams—defended her temple against an attack by Scoak—the champion of Scir, the goblin war-god. Mortally wounded, Scoak threw his sword, skewering Isaidai, whose killing spell went awry, striking the enormous bust of her god and carving holes in the eyes of the statue. As both champions died, a trickle of water inexplicably began to flow from the statue's eyes, the water pooling around Isaidai. The water's flow steadily increased to a briskly moving fountain. The fountain has flowed steadily ever since, inexplicably, as no source has ever been found for the water..

Loarier's adherents have since modified the temple to channel the god's tears into a stream leading to a pool of holy water. Loarier has since become known as the "Goddess of Sorrows" or "The Weeping Goddess."

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