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10 October 2016

[Inktober 2016] Day 10—Joari's Step

Joari's Step
(Key word: jump)

Fifty years ago, Prince Tetaros fell in love with a peasant woman named Joari Pinlean. They carried on a romance in secret for over a year; when Tetaros told his parents, the King and Queen reacted predictably. They put their feet down. Hard. 

Unfortunately for the couple, their love was real. They ignored the Royal edict and married in secret. After two months, a royal heir was conceived. Despite their efforts, the King and Queen learned of the marriage.
Royal assassins were sent to resolve the issue. Tetaros helped Joari elude the assassins; she fled to a small mountain overlook, nearly 1100 feet above the royal preserves. The assassins raced after her; Tetaros followed after. He caught up with them in time to see her jump to her death rather than face the assassins. He pushed his way through the assassins and followed his true love over the edge.
Their ghosts still reenact the chase and the jump to this day.

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