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02 October 2016

[Inktober 2016] Day 1—Mad King's War Fortress

I've never taken part in Inktober, Drawlowe'en, or whatever we're all calling it this year. I don't consider myself an artist. My last art class in school was somewhere around 34 years ago, and involved shading three-dimensional geometric objects and bowls of fruit.

That's probably why my few hand-drawn animals and people look like cartoons.

+matt jackson  and +Dyson Logos  inspired me yesterday. If they could try to do it every day, maybe I could as well. And Matt made a good point: my maps are in ink. So, lying in bed last night, I grabbed my pens (and a nifty new notebook I've discovered) and quickly sketched this one out.
Inktober #1: The War Fortress of the Mad King Halgrim Stonetower
(Key word: fast)

1. Massive doors lead to the entry hall.
2. Central hallway.
3. Throne room.
4. Barracks / Dining hall  (s) kitchen w/ storeroom underneath
5. Dungeon: Portcullis at top and bottom of stairway.
6. Stone guardians.
7. Clerics' quarters.
8. Temple of the Dwarven War-god, Mordrim: huge anvil & forge.
9. (s) Minor treasure room; door locked and trapped.
10 Halgrim's bedchamber. (s) Halgrim's treasure room: door locked & trapped.

I almost numbered the rooms for the key, but I didn't know whether my red ink would bleed through the page. I also, intentionally, left the walls of the dungeon thinner to denote the lower level. I'm not sure whether I like the effect, or whether it works.

The other thing I learned? Background fill is tough to do in bed.

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