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05 February 2014

I'm All For Freedom of Speech, But...

I noticed this Facebook issue a couple of days ago and reported it to Facebook. Tracy Hickman let me know about it again yesterday and says it more eloquently than I could. Tracy's notice as follows:

(1) Go to this DISGUSTING facebook page and IGNORE its contents.
(2) Click on the 'gear' next to message and select 'Block/Report'/'Submit a Report' / 'Report Gary's Account'
(3) Select 'This timeline is pretending to be someone I know' / 'Pretending to be a celebrity'
(4) Type 'E. Gary Gygax' in the field.
(5) Click 'submit report.'

I honor and respect the man I thought of as my friend -- the man who helped us all remember how to play. You can honor and respect his memory, too, by crushing this TASTELESS IDENTITY THEFT.

I'll throw in my recommendation to do this as well. I'm all for freedom of speech and allowing a person to be as big of a jerk as he wants to be. However, I'll throw this one under the heading of an "inciting to riot" exception to that right. I don't think the guy realizes that there are a lot of people out there who love and/or respect Gary, and there's a lot of those that could put a serious hurt on him for his words. Y'know, if they were incited to riot against him. For his words. Or something.

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