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20 February 2014

[D&D 40th Anniversary Bloghop] Day Twenty

Day Twenty: First non-D&D RPG you played.

After D&D, I had one other RPG love as a youth. One that rescued me from having Gamma World as my first non-D&D RPG by a couple of months. (See yesterday's post for an explanation of that comment.) In fact, it was this other RPG love that caused much of the grief and contention with yesterday's-mentioned Justin Case.

What was this first second love?

One hint:
This, D&D, and Car Wars formed the triumvirate of my gaming loves for most of my youth. We even managed to shoehorn a bit of Star Wars into our Star Frontiers. Lightsabers and the Force--granted, not under those names, of course--were statted up, as was the Sith Lord.

I haven't played in over twenty years. My books are all still somewhere around, though, and I try to keep somewhat abreast of the still-living Star Frontiers online community. Unfortunately, none of my current gaming group wants to try their hand at Sci-Fi or Space Opera.

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